We built this house because of a need... a need to take the time to curate the avenue to peak-fitness that you deserve.


We've trained with the best, learned from the rest, and now we're proud to craft a truly original approach to excellence in athleticism.

We offer dynamic and scalable programming, deeply rooted in intelligent design, to challenge and accommodate all levels of activity... from sedentary civilians, to active-duty military personnel, to professional athletes.

We are a warehouse gym. There are no frills or amenities. You won't find mirrors, TVs, tanning beds or a lounge... only discipline and hard work.


We don't deal in fads or trends... we maintain brilliance in the basics. We are relentlessly resourceful. We keep things simple, tested and true.​

We drop bumper plates, use chalk, sprint on turf, push sleds, flip tires, carry kegs, toss sandbags, swing kettlebells, pull bands and push chains.

We play real music.


We lift heavy and we sweat hard.

At Queen City Barbell, we're in the business of genuinely helping people... and business is good.

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