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Updated: Mar 26, 2020

How does one measure athletic ability? How can I tell if I'm in good shape? Aesthetics aside, we have crafted an ever changing list of obtainable fitness standards for our athletes at Queen City Barbell. While one check off the list is certainly a praiseworthy accomplishment, these standards taken on their own are no marvelous feat. Obtaining all standards is indicative of the well-rounded approach to athleticism we preach and is absolutely in the realm of possibility for most.

Here's what to strive for. Note our Strength Standards are in relation to bodyweight and split by Male/Female multipliers, respectively. Total your goals by multiplying your bodyweight by the 1st number for the fellas or 2nd for the ladies. Conditioning Standards are currently a level field.

Strength Standards (xBW)

Deadlift: 2.0/1.5

Back Squat: 1.75/1.25

Front Squat: 1.5/1.0

Squat Clean: 1.25/1.0

Bench Press: 1.5/1.0

Push Press: 1.0/.75

Turkish Get-up: 0.5/0.5

Conditioning Standards

Run 400m: 1:00

Run 1.5 miles: 9:00

Run 3 miles: 20:00

Run 6 miles: 45:00

Row 500m: 1:45

Row 2000m: 7:45

Row 5000m: 20:00

Swim 500m: 8:00

Swim 1 mile: 35:00

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