Frequently Asked Questions

I'm ready to join Queen City Barbell... where do I start?

Glad to hear it! Simply contact us via your choice:

  • Phone: (513) 334-6925
Hope to see you soon!

What's the story behind Queen City Barbell?

Glad you asked! Watch Here: ​​ Or read here:

How are you different from other gyms/trainers?

We don't deal in motivation... we deal in discipline. We believe in keeping things simple and in less moving parts. We preach that the Mind is primary and Strength is the foundation. We meet with more frequency and intensity than anybody on the block. We program 3 months in advance and measure everything, start to finish. Queen City Barbell is a culture of fundamentals, intelligent design, and unprecedented growth.

How much does it cost to train here?

Queen City Barbell Rates:

  • 1st week is FREE
  • $250 per month UNLIMITED Small Group Training
  • $225 per month Family Discount (10% off)
  • $200 per month Military & 1st Responder Discount (20% off)
  • $175 per month Student Discount (30% off)
  • $150 per month Online Training
  • $0 per month Referral Discount (sign a friend, get a FREE month)
Request your 1st appointment here!

What are your hours of operation?

Queen City Barbell Hours of Operation: MTWH 6:00am-9:00am 3:30pm-6:30pm Fri 6:00am-9:00am Sat 8:00am-11:00am Sun Closed

Do you offer gym memberships?

No, we do not currently offer gym memberships for open use of the gym/equipment. All Queen City Barbell athletes are under our programming and supervision. Please see our Programs page for detailed information on our available programming options.

How do you track results?

At Queen City Barbell, we're big on metrics. We track and attack changes in strength and conditioning by logging PRs (Personal Records) to ensure our athletes are getting stronger and faster. Balancing this with regular weigh-ins and nutritional coaching, we paint a clear picture of progress towards your fitness goals.

Do you offer nutritional guidance?

Absolutely. At Queen City Barbell, we coach our athletes on the principles of nutrition, monitor diets, and perform bi-weekly weigh-ins to ensure accountability.

How many days per week should I come in?

At Queen City Barbell, all our athletes train in-house 5 days per week... expect prescribed cardio and/or stretching on the days that you're not.

What are your Strength & Conditioning Standards?

We set attainable goals for all our athletes to achieve as indicators of peak fitness. The Queen City Barbell Standards currently measure: Strength Standards (xBW... M/F)

  • Deadlift: 2.0/1.5
  • Back Squat: 1.75/1.25
  • Front Squat: 1.5/1.0
  • Squat Clean: 1.25/1.0
  • Bench Press: 1.5/1.0
  • Push Press: 1.0/.75
  • Turkish Get-Up: 0.5/0.5
Conditioning Standards (mins)
  • Run 400m: 1:00
  • Run 1.5 miles: 9:00
  • Run 3 miles: 20:00
  • Run 6 miles: 45:00
  • Row 500m: 1:45
  • Row 2000m: 7:45
  • Row 5000m: 20:00
  • Swim 500m: 8:00
  • Swim 1 mile: 35:00

Do you have a beginners course or program?

Absolutely! If it's been a while, or you don't know your way around the gym yet, we will custom-tailor a program specifically to your needs. We'll get you from zero to hero safely and effectively. You're in good hands. Click here to get started!

What is your Drop-In policy?

Your 1st drop-in is free... $20 per visit after that. If you're in town for a bit longer, contact us here and we'll work something out!

Do you have Strongman and/or Functional Fitness equipment?

We do. While our focus is generally on the barbell, we utilize strongman/functional equipment with frequency. We have tractor tires, sandbags, kegs, kettlebells, chains, bands, slosh pipes, weighted vests, battle ropes, a rice bucket, a Westside sled, a strongman yoke, and more at our disposal.

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